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You have now stumbled upon a blog by a Norwegian, 22-year-old girl that goes by the name Thea Caroline Sneve Løvstad. She is currently based in London where she works as a photographer and artist. In addition to her big love for photography she is also highly passionate about everything else that applies to aestethics: sustainable and timeless style, architecture, interior and art. Other pursuits that makes her life complete are food and travelling. So what you can expect to find on this blog is Thea´s creative outcomes together with tips from her travels and London adventures. All of it with a minimalistic and moody approach, with the aim to inspire.


Pssst! Don’t hesitate to comment or get in touch on thea.lovstad@kebas.no if you have any questions, inquiries or feedback.

All content is by Thea if not otherwise stated, thus she also have the copyright