So, this blog is more or less dead.. But I can’t really seem to get rid of it either. So, here is a little post from my weekend adventure in Copenhagen beginning of June, with my boyfriend. Such a charming city!

We rented an Airbnb flat in Vesterbro (recommended!) and as most Danish people, the owner had great taste in interior and design, the myth is a fact.
Meals where eaten in Atelier September, Väkst, Llama, Fishmarket, Brød, and drinks were drank at Vinhanen and Dyrehaven.
One of the days we took the train to Humlebæk to check out Lousiana Museum of Modern Art – and oh what a stunner! The building itself makes it worth a visit.

Didn’t do any shopping despite an awfully lot of temptations (I mean, it’s Denmark), but popped by the newly opened Frama Studio Shop where I got myself a beautiful little marble tray. Fantastic shop that used to be an apothecary in the past.

And that’s all for now.


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