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Lena C. Emery is one the most brilliant contemporary fashion photographers we have, if you ask me. She just manage to creative these lush, interesting images we have never seen before. Completely obsessed with her art.


an icon lost


All photos in courtesy of Masayoshi Sukita 

David Bowie has left us. And as a tribute I would like to make a post about him. Not a post about his music, because I will not pretend that I’m one of those people who have admired him since I was little (don’t get me wrong, his music is genius!). Instead I will tribute his way of pushing boundaries in terms of sartorial choices, that is with honesty the area he has inspired me personally.

He acted exactly like he wanted, he executed crazy ideas no one else would have dared to execute. Newthinking. Bold. A role model (obs: if one look away from the drug abuse) and a legend that will always be remembered. His memory will still be wandering with us through generations, via the impact he made on fashion, music and culture. Rest in peace.




Photos by Josh Olin for WSJ April 2015

Hi beauties, hope you all are enjoying the holidays! Currently on my way to the airport (again), as New Year´s will be celebrated in…. Los Angeles this year! Woop woop. But first a pitstop in San Fran and Napa Valley.

See you from across the pond.



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Photos by Annie Leibovitz for Pirelli

Bloody hell, I can’t deal with this brilliant Pirelli calendar of 2016! Things are definitely changing in the industry. From naked super models to powerful women like Patti Smith and Yoko Ono – YES!


palms and recreation


Photos by Josh Olins for WSJ Magazine December 2015

Heading for a short but lovely weekend-trip to Marrakech in less than three weeks. CAN`T wait to wear sandals and soak up some precious sun rays! Mr. Autumn and myself are not on a good note. Currently all snuggled up at home, trying to get some warmth after work. The London temperature certainly gets to your bone..

Happy Friday!