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1. Behind the scenes at Marina London SS16 lookbook shoot 2. Wooden veins in Islington 3. Day off spent at home with amore 4. Easter in the archipelago. Portør, Norway 5. When you’re so pale you match the wall 6. Oxygen in the concrete jungle, Sky Garden 7. Warhol and Avedon side by side at Gagosian Gallery 8. 5th day of spring in Sky Garden 9. Caffeine and art refill at ICA 10. Date night at Viet Grill 11. Envying the ceiling at Hostem 12. Sun dance in winter winds. Portør, Norway.

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from the phone

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1. Picture from the archive, shot last year 2. Saturday brunch at The Book Club 3. Meeting at CREAM 4. Narrow streets in Nimes, France 5. Art pieces from the archive, made last year 6. Jardin de la Fontaine in Nimes, France 7. The dreamiest shop in Shoreditch, Hostem 8. LACMA, Los Angeles 9. Tired bamboos on a Monday 10. Pont du Gard, France 11. Sergej Jensen `Moneybags´, White Cube 12. Arts District, Los Angeles

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flea market find

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 19.08.23

Pardon the poor updates lately (it is unfortunately becoming a habit due to a combination of too much work, lack of inspiration and motivation). Anyway, just wanted to show you this little gem which I found for 2 pounds(!) the other day. Hidden in-between 70´s ceramics and 90´s lamps in a tiny second hand shop in Kragerø, it suddenly caught my attention and became mine. So satisfied – environmental friendly and affordable! Like a cherry on top the monstera leaf (which is one of my favourite plants) fits like a glove.




All photos shot with iPhone

Christmas is the only event that makes me survive the winter. I therefore do as many Christmas related activities as possible from first Sunday of advent until New Years.

Time flies and suddenly we are just two days away from Christmas eve.
So far I’ve (obviously) finished all the gifts to friends and family, made peanut butter cups, eaten christmas dinner with my Scandinavian friends in London, drunk `gløgg´, listened to christmas songs every day (my boyfriend is sort of fed up, haha), bought a tiny christmas tree for the flat, watched most of the classic christmas films (read: Love Actually, Harry Potter, The Holiday, Home Alone, The grinch, Edward Scissorhand – you name it), eaten duck confit at Olympen and watched a beautiful ballet performance `The Nutcracker´ in courtesy of the Opera House in Oslo. And today I did the last touch of preps: gift wrapping. My favourite part of giving gifts.

I wish though that Kragerø was covered in a white blanket, but no, the air is humid and milder than usual (ops ops, global warming perhaps?), but one can’t ask for too much. I am lucky and happy to be able to celebrate Christmas with the people I love.

Tomorrow: rice porridge and christmas tree decorating with the fam.
Wish you all a very merry Christmas and a pleasant celebration!


packing for morocco


Limited baggage space (read: hand luggage only) means a carefully curated selection of good basics. This is what I have stuffed in my bag so far:

Gurkees sandals, Aesop sunscreen and a new book I probably will talk more about later. Furthermore I will obviously add camera(s), clothes and a bikini.

Riad, souk, tagine, hammam – here I come!


palms and recreation


Photos by Josh Olins for WSJ Magazine December 2015

Heading for a short but lovely weekend-trip to Marrakech in less than three weeks. CAN`T wait to wear sandals and soak up some precious sun rays! Mr. Autumn and myself are not on a good note. Currently all snuggled up at home, trying to get some warmth after work. The London temperature certainly gets to your bone..

Happy Friday!