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A relatively new Norwegian clothing brand that caught my attention a while ago, Avenue, is getting more and more interesting in my opinion. The combination of raw, organic materials, sleek and down to earth design is just so in time in terms of sustainability and a motreaksjon to the `use and throw´ society we live in today. My next purchase (I try to restrict myself to 5 pieces each season) might be a pair of silk trousers or perhaps a comfy sweater, from this brand.

Either I buy a piece from them or not, they are at least worth checking out! Their instagram is also a great source of inspiration.


summer of comfort


Photos by Tobias Lundqvist for Note Magazine

Summer is all about building comfy attires. This editorial is spot on in terms of this. Flowing fabrics, soft knits, flats and oversized shirts and dresses. So far these hot summer months that is mostly what I´ve been wearing myself. And I intend to keep on doing it till autumn hits town.


eve turley aw 15


Designer/Stylist: Eve Turley
Photos: Me
MUA: Jess Whitbread
Model: Sami Surma Heine
Assistants: Josh Read, Josie Lanza, Shannon Brown, Hannah Turley

Here’s a selection of the images I shot for Eve Turley’s AW 15 lookbook. The photoshoot was so much fun and I worked with an incredible team! And last but not least, what a brilliant collection. I want all of the garments - especially the mac, the suit and the amazing woven coat. Yummie.

Check out the whole collection at www.eveturley.com


a gal to google: bibi andersson

bibi andersson in persona

Film still from “Persona” (1966) directed by Ingmar Bergman

Swedish icon, actress and beauty Bibi Anderson, is definitely worth checking out (if you haven’t already). Especially in Bergman´s classic “Persona” – where she is dressed super simple yet tremendously appealing. The focus lays on timeless quality basics like dark, simple, fitted maxi dresses, big glamorous straw hats, turtlenecks and classic raincoats. The attired combines Scandinavian practicality and French effortlessly chic.

Watch the film or google this gal to get inspired.




The Stan Smith (yes, the Adidas sneaker model, not the tennis player) has been very asthetically pleasing in my eyes, for a long time. I’ve been drooling over a pair. But there has however been a detail that I couldn´t quite come to terms with; the coloured “logo” on the top of the shoe. I have also been on the hunt for all-white leather sneakers that doesn’t cost a fortune. I was therefore thrilled when I found the collaboration between Japanese brand Hyke and Adidas where one of the designs was completely, crisp white Stan Smiths in leather! I didn’t hesitate a second and clicked them home as soon as I found my size. So satisfied with this comfy and timeless bargain!