wild flowers


I’m absolutely thrilled about this time of the year, when you can just go straight out of your entrance door and pluck your own fabulous bouquet of wild flowers – for free! Gotta love mother earth.


degree show


So I´m officially finished with my Bachelor degree in Photography.
My “exam” was the degree show and these two pieces are outtakes from the series “Origin”, which I exhibited at the show (I had three images on display). Here is my artist statement which explains the concept:

“The camera is an extension of the eye, a tool that can reflect society and present ideas. It cannot ever truly project the whole truth. It can never be objective. What it can do is to create new worlds – worlds of symbols and narratives where the truth is staged. That is what I aim for in my photography. My work is neither true nor false.

In my current project `Origin´ I explore the relationship between the human body and the surroundings, by photographing “genderless” nude models in natural environments like woodland and coastlines. I make the body interact with the landscape by shaping the body so it looks like an abstract, almost surreal, object.
In today´s society, especially in Western culture, the cases of deadly diseases caused by lifestyle, is ever increasing. During our lifetime we stress about materialistic and superficial desires. Consumerism and capitalism have become the mantra of our souls. This is what I want to show in my current work. I want to show how the body wants to “rewild”, go back to nature and slow down in this man-made age.

An important factor in my work is the surface my pictures are printed on. By printing on “organic” and “natural” materials like textured paper I create a more tactile substance to the images, so that the viewer can engage better with the concept. By focusing on feel and raw textures I also create an emphasis on the re-introduction of nature to man.

On a final note, my photography is a reflection and projection of the society. It is a staged truth of contemporary issues and life through the lens, by the use of light and shadow.”



sky garden


Two days before I left Foggy Albion, I made sure to visit the fantastic top floor at Fenchurch Street 20´s glass dome: Sky Garden. A tropical garden on 35th floor, with the best view in town! You can see everything from there, literally everything. Very fascinating (and oh so intimidating). If you suffer from fear of heights (like me) you can also enjoy a drink in the bar located in the middle of the floor, to calm the nerves as well as enjoy the beautiful sight.

Sky Garden is simply a must when in London.


master of light


Fashion photographer Zoe Ghertner is such a master of light. All of her work is based on natural light! I would claim that the way she plays with light and shadow and emotions makes her work tilt between fashion and fine art. She manages to make even still life shots look brilliantly moody and with full of emotions, and that I can tell you is extremely difficult.

I simply can’t take my eyes off these sublime, dreamy, poetic frames of soft shadow plays. Definitely one of my biggest inspirations and favourite contemporary photographers!


bank holiday


I’m officially finished with university. All my sketchbooks, portfolios and exhibition work was handed in Friday, last week. It all feels rather surreal to be frank. I don’t think it has sunken in yet. I’m still waiting for that wonderful feeling of relief and freedom. University is done, I can now check that off the list, but what next? There are so many new concerns and worries and I´m actually more stressed than ever..

So, in order to calm down and focus on something else than work and photography for once I spent my bank holiday doing fun things only. Started the day off with brunch at exotic Dishoom. Strolled in Brick Lane, had coffee and rosé wine on the terrace at Fika in good company, and ended the day with tasty Italian pizza at Franco Manca. The sun wasn’t shining, but I was still happy and calm for at least a day.