clean cuts


Photos by Atlanta Rascher for Charlie May

I´m back from my heavenly trip to Copenhagen. Must say it feels at kind of depressing to be home again as I fell head over heels for that city. A city I might move to one day?
Nonetheless, a post about my trip is in the making as we speak so in the meanwhile I would like to show you Charlie May´s spanking new AW 14 campaign. Love the clean cuts, the lush models, the minimalist location. Every single bit!

However, keep updated – will possibly start posting Copenhagen photos and tips from tomorrow or Thursday.




Headed to Kaffe og Juice on Thursday for a lovely brunch with my Mum. The sun appeared and made our brunch even ten times better. Sitting outdoors during the colder seasons can also be rather nice, you just have to put on some warmer clothes!

As we speak I’m exploring the streets of Copenhagen. Stay tuned, a city guide will be made soon.

Until then,




Cos coat, Zara trousers, Soyaconsept shirt, Ray Ban Clubmaster, Adidas tennis shoes, Casio watch, Maria Black bracelet

Photos: Toini Sneve, Editing: Me

New in: Adidas Supestar. Feels like I’m ten years old again, wore the exact same model 11 years ago! Hah. Paired them together with tailored trousers, a sheer shirt and a tailored coat though, to avoid looking like a 90s high school gal.


season transition


Photos by Stefania Paparelli via Elle Australia June 2014

The transition between summer and autumn can be a bit confusing at times (in terms of getting dressed). The weather tend to switch between sunny and warm, rainy and cold. Quite unpredictable in other words. It is therefore a brilliant opportunity to do layering and to play with different shapes and fabrics. I´ve already started slowly by combining chunky oversized knits, tailored trousers and sneakers. Will also try to find a nice pair of culottes (something similar to the trousers on the last image) which I will use together with tailored shirts and tennis shoes. Also need to find a nice long, slightly oversized black winter coat. Any tips?


insta gems


As Instagram is one of my guilty pleasures and favourite apps (been totally hooked since I discovered it two years ago) I thought I could write a little bit about the people I follow, once in a while. How does that sound?
I do of course have an account myself and go by the name thealovstad, if you fancy following me! Okay, so here we go:



Tuan-Khanh Nguyen´s account is packed with well composed images of timeless and carefully curated fashion, restaurant tips, BURGERS, travels and functionalism buildings. One of my favourites instagram accounts!



Baixen Chen is a photographer whose instagram is packed with stunning, minimalistic, serene images of people, ballerinas, architecture and travels. Lots of white. Simply amazing.



British designer and minimalist genius Charlie May has an Instagram account that testifies her eye for design and aesthetics. The account contains a mix of mouth watering meals, pretty locations, outfits and behind the scenes snippets.

What are your favourite accounts?




I refuse to realise that summer is on the wane. Not yet ready to get the shivers 24/7. I therefore decided to hold on to some “summery” activities on Thursday: making cocktails! Made some extraordinary tasty (if I may say so) Moscow Mules. Definitely a winner during summer, but may also be suitable on colder days because of the spices in the ginger beer. Chose to not follow a particular recipe. These are however the ingredients I used:

- Vodka
- Ginger beer
- Lime juice
- Mint leaves (optional)
- Ice cubes

Good luck with the potential cocktail making!



filippak fw 14 campaign shot by Marcus Söder31f1de585eb6305a3b49a8b54ebb7830_686x0_c_85_s_v453cc1bf19b38f8c087bb2e3b75067ce0_686x0_c_85_s_v4

Photo courtesy Filippa K / Ward Ivan Rafik

As I´m working every single day this week and in lack of inspiration I thought I could post a snippet from Filippa K´s F/W 14 Campaign shot by Ward Ivan Rafik and styled by Marcus Söder, starring French bombshell Constance Jablonski. This is exactly how I intend to look like when the leaves hit the ground (which obviously will happen soon. Looks like Summer decided to escape!). Simple, clean cuts and colours. Comfy fabrics. Yummie!