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Acne jacket, Muji shirt, Theory trousers, Adidas slides, Ray Bans

As my instagram followers probably have noticed, I went to London for a few days last week, in the occasion of my graduation. So guys, I now officially have a Bachelor with honours in Photography, yey! I went over to Foggy Albion with my Dad and sister and we spent five lovely days running between restaurants, the graduation ceremony, job interviews and house viewings (mission impossible for foreigners!).

We had breakfast at Albion and The Breakfast Club, brunch at Hoi Polloi, iced latte at Monmouth Coffee dinner at Yalla Yalla, Borough Market and Honest Burger amongst some. It was in other words great to be reunited with my favourite city and London-friends.




Secondhand t-shirt and (Levis) shorts, bag from a market in Spain

Trying to enjoy the perks of staying at the Norwegian country side / sea side, by visiting all the islands in Kragerø at least once a week. So far, so good.

The birds singing, the salty waves, the calm forest and the farms packed with animals simply makes me harmonised. Nothing better than going to Jomfruland or Skåtøy in order to calm down a stressed body and mind. And in-between the beautiful nature are small galleries and restaurants hidden – the cherry on top which makes the trip complete. What more can one ask for?


green beauty


Grown Alchemist shampoo and conditioner

A big part of green living and a more sustainable approach to style, is to choose organic cosmetics free of toxics. Because yes, believe it or not, beauty and care products is also a big part of the pollution problem we face today. Besides, more or less every single product on the market (even your tooth paste!) contains toxic chemicals which can cause allergic reactions and hormone-altering (we don’t want to take the androgynous trend that far, huh?). Therefore, to be 100% sure to avoid these bastards, choose organic products free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, propylene glycol etc.!

I recently changed my hair routine. For almost two years I’ve been trying different organic hair products without any satisfying purchases. A big tendency when buying organic hair products is that they tend to make the hair greasy (at least my thin, Scandinavian hair). But I`ve now finally found a brand which I like and can recommend: Grown Alchemist.
The shampoo and conditioner makes my hair super soft and clean without making it greasy. The packaging looks amazing. Only con is that I don’t like the smell (rose and pepper), but I’m not too bothered as the smell vanishes as you rinse the hair.
Highly recommended!

But back to organic products in general – I’ve gradually made my selection more and more organic (I for instance use organic virgin coconut oil to rinse my skin and remove make-up), but my make-up is still full of toxic. I find it really hard to find organic make-up with the same quality as the toxic one. So, that’s my next goal. Organic make-up.. Let the hunt begin!



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Photos shot with iPhone

There’s a new coffee spot in town (Kragerø), and it’s already a favourite of mine!
Its name is KAFFE and it offers excellent caffeine, vegan food and yoga classes. And the pretty interior does’nt exactly hurt either. 


the opera house


The Opera House in Oslo, designed by Snøhetta, is always a must to visit when in town. Despite that I’ve been there several times, I always get amazed by it’s beauty. The different levels of shapes and heights (which by the way is Snøhetta´s signature I would claim), makes it very interactive. All these shapes also creates mesmerising shadows to explore. Having a fashion shoot here would be a pure dream.

Makes sure to visit if you happen to be in Oslo!


36 hours in Oslo

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All photos shot with iPhone

My boyfriend has been on a short visit the previous days in my hometown Kragerø. But before entering the sea side we also spent 36 hours in the capital of Norway, Oslo. We slept in a cute little flat located in Grünerløkka (very charming area) rented via AirBnB, genius idea. Despite a short stay we managed to do a lot:
Breakfast at Liebling, lunch at Kaffebrenneriet, indulged in some sweet treats from Godt Brød, cocktails at Torggata Botaniske, some browsing at Granit and Mathallen and a stroll to The Opera House and Tjuvholmen. I can definitely recommend all the spots we tried!


summer of comfort


Photos by Tobias Lundqvist for Note Magazine

Summer is all about building comfy attires. This editorial is spot on in terms of this. Flowing fabrics, soft knits, flats and oversized shirts and dresses. So far these hot summer months that is mostly what I´ve been wearing myself. And I intend to keep on doing it till autumn hits town.