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Winter is sneaking up on us and we finally have the excuse to snuggle up indoors with candles, comfort food and films. I´m not a particular fan of the colder seasons but this is not too bad after all, huh? Watching films is also a great way of getting an inspiration boost which often is needed when the mood reflects the grey sky and dark nights.

Here are my top 10 films / series to watch on a gloomy day:

Requiem for a dream – Directed by Darren Abanovsky (which also directed Black Swan). A dark and a bit disturbing film about addictions. You will certainly be depressed after watching it, but it is such a well made film with very talented actors that it is worth it. At least it made a great impression on me.

Amélie - Super cute and funny film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, with Audrey Tautou in the leading part. A film about love in all shapes and forms, taking place in Montemarte in Paris.

Frances Ha - A brutally honest indie film directed by Noah Baumbach (which also plays the leading part). The whole film is in black and white which kind of forces you to pay more attention to the plot. It portrays a girl living in New York, in her late twenties and all the problems and difficulties (love life, job related issues, friends etc.) she has to deal with. A very charming film about the transition from being a confused 20-something-years-old to becoming a grown up.

Twin Peaks - A cult classic I reckon most of you have heard about. Director David Lynch is a pure genius! And probably the only person who can make a season three of a tv-show 25 years(!) after season two was released, and actually get away with it. Hah. I can´t really explain the plot, too complex. Just watch it. Trust me, you will love it (but be patient, the first season is a bit slow in the beginning).

The Grand Budapest Hotel – This film directed by the one and only Wes Anderson is first of all pure eye candy. His signature style is taken to new levels in this colourful and rather surreal film gem. Exciting, funny and simply a visual pleasure.

Anna Karenina - A new version of the old, russian drama Anne Karenina directed by Joe Wright. Keira Knightly plays the part of Anna Karenina brilliantly. This is a film about the complex russian society in 1974. About being different, defying boundaries, about love and about depression.

Breakfast at Tiffany´s – A classic 60s film directed by Blake Edwards starring the one and only Audrey Hepburn. Packed with gorgeous dresses, jewellery, stunning actors and a dream-like life. Perfect to watch on days when all you want is to get carried away by the film and just dream.

Memoars of a Geisha – A strong and moving film about the hard life as a Japanese Geisha, directed by Rob Marshall. We follow a young girl from when she gets sold by her parents as a child, and throughout her life as a Geisha. Makes you appreciate your own life. Very visually appealing! (And I must admit that the Geishas do look amazing after all).

The Lord of the Rings - Can´t make a list of films without mentioning Peter Jackson´s fantasy world of hobbits, orks and wizards. All of the films, and then I mean all of them including “The Hobbit” films, are pure magic. But I assume that is common knowledge.

Game of Thrones – My all time favourite tv-show! Great actors, costumes, locations, cinematography, plot. Everything is brilliant. And yes, a bit violent and grotesque, but I guess it is necessary from time to time? (Go Khaleesi!)




Photos by Iris Björk

I absolutely love these shots captured by Icelandic photographer Iris Björk (all of her work is btw fantastic, check out her website!). The mix of the lighting, the minimal styling and a dash of quirkiness makes it super appealing in my eyes. Fashion photography gets so much more interesting when one add a quirky element to it, wether it be about poses or the styling.


pea coat


A classic pea coat is always a great staple to add to the wardrobe, and I particularly fell for this navy gem which Da-na (whom modelled for me last week) wore. Looks like a garment one could have stumbled upon at COS, but she actually got it from a local shop in Seoul, Korea. A timeless coat which goes with everything and which will last for ages if the quality is top notch!


a gal to google: marie marot


Photo by Raphaël Lugassy via French Vogue

Former model and now accessory designer and entrepreneur Marie Marot, is another stylish parisian to add to the inspiration folder. Her tomboy style combined with (sometimes) feminine hats and lipstick is to die for. What is it with these parisians? They always manage to pull of simple attires in such a nonchalant and chic way. And Marie is no exception. Google her, visit her blog or check out her cool beanies and pouches.




Ive realised that I need to improve my skills in taking portraits (especially studio portraits) and have therefore decided to have portrait shoots on a regular basis. Started this Friday in the studio together with Korean cutie Da-na. Will post the result when Im done with retouch and editing. For now: just some backstage snapshots.


christmas gifts: luxury

Christmas gifts - lux

I know, I know. It’s not even December yet, but I absolutely LOVE Christmas and can’t resist to sneak in some feast inspiration to get into the spirit. Have already started listening to Christmas songs on Spotify and went to the “Christmas Light Switch On” in Kingston on Thursday (where I by the way stuffed myself with super delicious pulled pork, mulled wine and even more wine at the local bar, but more about that another day).

So, what I have planned is to publish three posts about Christmas gift ideas. You see, I have some tips up my sleeves which I hope will inspire. Will make one with “Luxury”,  one with “Budget” and one with “DIY” – so that you can find a broad variation of ideas in a price range that might suit your budget. There is however a red thread: everything is timeless and considerably environmental friendly!

I’m hereby opening the “triptych” with a post about luxurious gift ideas:

1. Perfume, always a good idea. Who doesn´t like a good scent to brighten up the mood? (Agonist perfume)
2. Subtle fine jewellery – Aren´t diamonds a girls best friend? (Mommy + Me ring)
3. Handmade sweets or confectionery (Johan Bülow liquorice)
4. A big coffee table book to get inspired by (Ralph Gibson “Nude”)
5. A timeless designer bag that will last a lifetime (Céline Trio)
6. A fluffy faux fur for freezing winter days (Ganni coat)
7. Interior decoration pieces to personalise a home (Tom Dixon fossil book ends)