amaretto sour


A little tip before the sun vanishes in the North: make amaretto sour for a last taste of summer, after work or during the weekend. It has the perfect equilibrium of sour and sweet and simply tastes like never ending summer nights.
All you need is lemon juice, amaretto, brown sugar and crushed ice cubes.


AW 15


Photos by Yuvali Theis for Charlie May

As the summer never properly arrived in the frostbitten North, I am gradually starting to crave black leather, maxi coats and alpaca.. Exactly what Charlie May´s AW 15 collection consist of. Currently dreaming of more or less all the garments.


graduation dress


My graduation dress tailored and designed by my talented friend Gihan Saad.
The fantastic black silk fabric is so nice with the sleek design, it was just perfect. At the actual graduation ceremony I wore high heels from Hope, but I will wear it with sneakers for more relaxed occasions in the future.

And hey, the pictures doesn’t make justice for how it looks like in real life.




Every summer and autumn the woods (and gardens) get packed with free food, on every corner. Berries, fruits, mushroom etc. It´s just there. Ready to be picked and eaten! But sadly very few people take advantage of this, and instead of being partly self-sufficient and get free food with much better nutrition, they buy the same food (with less quality and full of chemicals) at the super market.

To me this is pure stupidity. So, a few days before I went to London I decided to go for a little hike in the woods, together with my family, and collect blueberries. And do I regret it? Absoutely not. I now have many litres of super tasty blueberries packed with vitamins and antioxidants. We have made jam and we have heaps of fresh berries. And of course it tastes even better because we picked the berries ourselves.

So lesson of today: Don´t let all the wonderful food go to waste!