Kai Löffelbein, 'Ctrl-X, a topography of e-waste'Benedikt Partenheimer .
Michael Hall, 'Mountain of Plastic'
Benedikt Partenheimer
Mustafah Abdulaziz
M. AbdulazizPartenheimer, Benedikt
pedro armestre
Mustafah A.

1. Kai Löffenbein  2. Benedikt Partenheimer 3. Michael Hall 4. Benedikt Partenheimer 5. Mustafah Abdulaziz 6. Mustafah Abdulaziz 7. Benedikt Partenheimer 8. Pedro Armestre 9. Mustafah Abdulaziz 

A little reminder on how much damage mankind have done to the planet. Stay green, cherish nature, we have one earth only!

In courtesy of Earth Day.


terracotta and marble


I felt my room needed an update while staying at home in Norway, so I strolled to town one day and bought myself three sublime plants to sheer up the ever so monochrome space. Ended up with a cactus, a succulent and a hyacinth. Placed them neatly on a marble tray and vóila – a hint of spring and colour entered the room.


women vs social media


Photo courtesy Rupi Kaur

Photo number one was removed by Instagram twice. This was Kaur´s comment to the action:

“Thank you Instagram for providing me with the exact response my work was created to critique. You deleted my photo twice stating that it goes against community guidelines. I will not apologize for not feeding the ego and pride of misogynist society that will have my body in underwear but not be okay with a small leak. When your pages are filled with countless photos/accounts where women (so many who are underage) are objectified, pornified, and treated less than human. Thank you.”

Does social media treat women and men equal? Not so much. Does social media affect culture, how we look at ourselves and how we look at other peole? Yes indeed.

Just a little reminder on how far away gender equality really is, even in Western countries. But thank god for women like Rupi Kaur. Hopefully she made a trend which will evolve and in the end make a change.




The Stan Smith (yes, the Adidas sneaker model, not the tennis player) has been very asthetically pleasing in my eyes, for a long time. I’ve been drooling over a pair. But there has however been a detail that I couldn´t quite come to terms with; the coloured “logo” on the top of the shoe. I have also been on the hunt for all-white leather sneakers that doesn’t cost a fortune. I was therefore thrilled when I found the collaboration between Japanese brand Hyke and Adidas where one of the designs was completely, crisp white Stan Smiths in leather! I didn’t hesitate a second and clicked them home as soon as I found my size. So satisfied with this comfy and timeless bargain!




After a rather relaxing easter, celebrated in my hometown Kragerø, I finally feel recharged. I spent most of the days at our cabin by the sea, where I ate heaps of tasty food, read a book by Jo Nesbø, finished my easter egg, worked on some projects and had a lovely time with family and friends. Nothing beats lazy days by the sea side. It’s just something mesmerising with the dark water, salty air, the restless waves and the endless view.



iselin and anders


Photos by Lars Botten

Norwegian photographer Lars Botten, always manage to capture his models in such a natural way. Despite being staged, his work always look very playful and “in the moment”. This is exactly what he achieved with this series (which he by the way won a prize for!) of model Iselin Steiro and her actor boyfriend Anders Danielsen Lie.

His simple and “raw” style is just so timeless and sublime. Another good example where the phrase “less is more” is spot on.