conrete and crumbles / a little guide to LA

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Hollywood Hills, palms and donuts seems so far away right now. The January depression has truly set in (despite my nordic roots I´m definitely not made for winter) so I try to make the days slightly brighter by reading inspiring books and magazines, experiment in the kitchen with my boyfriend, drink coffee with friends and draw (makes me so zen). Another way to light up the mood is to look back at cheerful moments, like for instance holidays. So  in order to spread some joy I’ve made a little Los Angeles guide. Hope you like it!

Ps. Didn’t take one single picture of myself during the trip…

Eames House - The Eames House was build by the architect couple Ray and Charles Eames, as their home. With a panoramic view to Santa Monica, hidden behind trees and plants this modernist Case Study house is absolutely worth a visit. The structure of the building is so clever.

Neutra VDL House - This house is also a modernist Case study house, still quite different from Eames House. Beautiful and rather impressive as it was build around the 30´s and looks brand new and modern!

Arts District – Strolling around this area is like walking in an architectural bonanza. I mean, on one corner you have this crazy conrete modernist building, on the next corner a quirky steel tower, then a tiny wooden building. Totally nuts, but brilliant.

Walt Disney Concert Hall - Outstanding building by architect Frank Gehry. Obviously you can also book tickets to experience concerts there, but we went to see the building only.

Venice Beach – Just because you have to visit Venice Beach when you are in LA.

LACMA - Contemporary art and architecture at its greatest.

Griffith Observatory - Major tip – don’t take the bus to the top of this observatory, walk instead. 10-15 minutes of walking with a fantastic view. We mainly went there to take pictures of Hollywood Hills and didn’t actually go inside the observatory. Con: packed with tourists. 

The Bates Motel – One of LA´s creepiest landmarks has been turned into an all white public art installation by French artist Vincent Lamouroux.

Gjelina - Pizza aaalmost as good as in Italy. Great beer and lemonade. Flirty waiters. Intriguing interior and an outdoor patio.

Blue Star Donuts - Holy lord, the taste of these donuts can’t even be explained. I can only say that they are the best I’ve tried in my life and you have to try them yourself to understand what I’m talking about! And big bonus is that you can actually see the bakers making them. Yum yum yum.

Café Gratitude - Excellent vegetarian wraps and green smoothies. Perfect if you wish to eat a healthy brekkie or brunch in-between all the burgers and donuts. Big plus for lovely interior.

Little Pine - The newly opened vegan restaurant started by the one and only Moby (yes, the singer/dj/songwriter!) is a hidden little pearl located in Silver Lake. Huge portions, relaxed vibe and super tasty food. We tried the avo toast, french toast with maple butter, coconut yoghurt with granola and a jasmine tea. Thumbs up for vegan food!

Ace Hotel: Mezzanine Bar and L.A Chapter - The famous Ace Hotel is never disappointing whether you are in UK or USA. We celebrated New Years there in the Mezzanine bar (fantastic cocktails mixed by a tipsy bartender) and went back a few days later for lunch at L.A Chapter. Try the ricotta pancakes, nomnom.

Fig and Olive - Restaurant serving a fusion food (a mix of Italian, French and Spanish cuisine). Mouthwatering dishes beautifully presented, charming venue – located in the middle of Melrose Place.

Guisados - Tacos served the true Mexican way! We ate there on New Years Eve and ordered the vegetarian and fish tacos together with a corona. Super laid back, exactly like it should be.

Burger Lounge - Looking for the real American experience? Then pay this restaurant a visit. Bloody hell. The burger, fries and milkshake are to die for. I had a classic burger, whilst my boyfriend tried the veggie quinoa burger and we were both literally in a food coma with a happy smile after indulging in these beauties. Mmm, I can still taste it.

Primopasso Coffee - Great coffee and interior, close to Santa Monica beach.

A.O.C. Los Angeles – Spanish wine bar with marvellous tapas.

The Apartment by The Line - The second flat launched by The Line (the online brand and shop run by Vanessa Traina Snow) where you can buy everything inside- the clothes in the wardrobe, the furniture, the art, even the toothpaste(!). Situated in Melrose Place. One of my highlights in terms of inspiration altough it’s full of super expensive objects I can only dream of buying. All in a truly minimal and clean style which warms a minimalist´s heart.

Tortoise General Store - Beautiful, Asian handmade kitchen utilities, ceramics and decoration objects located in the heart of Abbot Kinney, close to Venice Beach. Worth a visit just to get inspired.

ACNE - The Swedish brand which you can find almost everywhere around the world now. Nevertheless all of their shops are unique (interior wise) and worth a visit. And the clothes are obviously to die for too, but you already know that.

Whole Foods - Yes, you can find Wholefoods in London too and it is somewhat overpriced, however the shops they have in LA are ten times bigger, like huge super markets. Simply organic paradises offering everything you can imagine!



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A relatively new Norwegian clothing brand that caught my attention a while ago, Avenue, is getting more and more interesting in my opinion. The combination of raw, organic materials, sleek and down to earth design is just so in time in terms of sustainability and a motreaksjon to the `use and throw´ society we live in today. My next purchase (I try to restrict myself to 5 pieces each season) might be a pair of silk trousers or perhaps a comfy sweater, from this brand.

Either I buy a piece from them or not, they are at least worth checking out! Their instagram is also a great source of inspiration.


an icon lost


All photos in courtesy of Masayoshi Sukita 

David Bowie has left us. And as a tribute I would like to make a post about him. Not a post about his music, because I will not pretend that I’m one of those people who have admired him since I was little (don’t get me wrong, his music is genius!). Instead I will tribute his way of pushing boundaries in terms of sartorial choices, that is with honesty the area he has inspired me personally.

He acted exactly like he wanted, he executed crazy ideas no one else would have dared to execute. Newthinking. Bold. A role model (obs: if one look away from the drug abuse) and a legend that will always be remembered. His memory will still be wandering with us through generations, via the impact he made on fashion, music and culture. Rest in peace.