diy easter decoration


I always prefer things simple and functional, and there is no exception when it comes to easter decoration. Did a little diy project yesterday which ended up like this. Very easy to make and just enough decor for my taste.

All you need is a branch, eggs (I used polystyrene eggs but you can also use real ones), matchsticks, a scissor and a jam jar or a vase.
Chop a matchstick in two, knot the thread (the lenght of the thread depends on how long you want it to be) around one of the parts and stick it into an egg. “Double” the  thread and make one more knot so you are able to hang the egg – and voila the decoration is finished. Repeat the process on the rest of the eggs. You can also paint the eggs if you´d like them to be more colourful. The eggs I bought were already decorated.
It all depends on what you prefer really, be creative!

Speaking about easter, the holiday has officially started and my plans for the 5 next days are set:
indulge chocolate from my easter egg, drink wine, catch up with friends and family and read tons of magazines. Just relaaaax.
Will schedule some posts on the blog in advance though so that I´m able to enjoy my holiday to the fullest but still make my blog updated.

Wish you all a wonderful easter – enjoy every minute with people you love and tasty food!


hide n’ seek


As you probably remember, I had a photo shoot in a gothic castle called Strawberry Hill House a few weeks ago. This was for a uni project called “Gaining Access” – we simply had to gain access to something.

I decided to gain access to a location, a model and a clothing designer as I mostly do fashion photography and wanted to do that this time as well.
So, this project kind of ended as a collaboration project instead, which I´m very happy about. The name of the designer is Helene Sunde and I absolutely love her design!
Minimalistic, raw, simple – definitely my cup of tea! You should check out her blog to see more of her clothes.
Her cousin Marie Øvstebø (also doing fashion design!) acted as my model, she looked smashing and was easy to work with.
All in all I´m very pleased with the result despite a tight schedule when shooting.
Lots of thanks to Helene, Marie and Leanza May for assisting and to Strawberry Hill House for giving me permission to shoot.

If you want to see the rest of the series, pop into my new photography website.

Have a great day!




42 x 60 Lithography + Monoprint tests

In less than two weeks I´ll exhibit my work for the first ever. An exciting but also intimidating thought!
The work I´m going to put up is something I´ve been working on since October 2013. Through the previous months I´ve been experimenting with different styles and techniques on a project which started quiet personal but in the end came out very different from the starting point. I´ve made lithography prints, monoprints, digital prints, painted with oil paint and manipulated digitally. My work have in other words taken another direction this year.

The lithography process was something I really, really enjoyed and my plan was to exhibit three lithography prints. But a few days before I left London, one of the machines needed for this process went broken and I simply ran out of time and ended up with digital prints instead (as I wanted to use all of my images in the series). Sad indeed, but I believe the result will be alright after all. I´m proud to be able to participate in this group exhibition and my future as an artist looks just slightly brighter because of this opportunity (hopefully).

I would also like to add that I have now, finally, made my own photography website / online portfolio – so click on the link if you fancy having a closer look at my “real” work:

If you´re interested in visiting our group exhibition in London in May, click here.
It´s a group exhibition placed in vibrant and trending Hoxton, displaying photographic work, sculptures and performance art.

Lots of love


a gal to google: maria van nguyen


Photo via Rodeo

A girl I´ve been admiring for years in terms of style and aesthetic sense is Maria Van Nguyen. She´s known for her blog and minimalist style in Norway, but the previous year she has also started to make a name across the pond after starting on a degree in clothing design at Parsons in New York – last year she won the the title “Best Designer” at the Fusion Fashion Show!

Her future as a clothing designer looks bright and her personal style is still simply amazing – the definition on minimalism, always interesting and surprising.

Check out her blog and dig into her little universe of functional design and minimalism.


the tuck


Hope grand sweater, Zara trousers and shoes, Maria Black Bracelet

Easter is around the corner and for me that´s a time for totally relaxation. There are a few factors that needs to be in place in order to do this:
- Tasty food like lamb, red wine and Easter chocolate
- Thrillers on tv
- Comfy clothes

Speaking of comfy clothes – this chunky, turtleneck sweater from Hope is one of my all time wardrobe favourites. It´s warm, good looking, comfortable, timeless and goes with everything.
So as I´m getting into the festive mode I´m preparing by snuggling into my chunky favourite paired with tailored trousers a fancy pair of heels and adding a little “bold” detail which I often opt for: tucking my hair into the sweater! A small yet noticeable detail which takes the outfit to another level.

Now I´m off to work – Happy Monday!



martine poppe

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 15.16.35Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 09.40.31Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 15.16.18

Norwegian up and coming artist Martine Poppe is definitely a lady to watch. Through a short period of time and despite her young age she has managed to put her name on the art agenda internationally.
I find her subtle and clear language she demonstrates in her paintings very beautiful and intriguing.

See more of her work here.

Happy weekend and all the best!




Photos by Cass Bird via British Vogue January 2014

Posting this fantastic editorial captured by Cass Bird simply because it makes me happy and it has a proper Summer vibe (who does´nt need that on a grey day like this?)!
Danish beauty Freja Beha looks adorable with her dimples.
Love dimples, so charming. Don´t you agree?




Would like to start the day by saying good morning and sorry for lack of updates yesterday, I will compensate by offering two posts today instead of one.

First out are some images of my new beloved cactus – a new obsession of mine!
Would love to have a whole selection of different types of cactuses. I just find this plant so interesting. Raw and frightening yet astonishing beautiful with it´s contrasts of spikes and stunning flowers. It´s also a real survivor, so little water needed (which is a big bonus, I tend to kill my plants because I forget to water them, wopsi).

So yesterday I rearranged a little tableau consisting of the new cactus inside an old glass cloche from Åhlens, a photography book by Cass Bird, my Pentax camera, a deer horn I found in my Grandpa´s wood when I was little and a scented candle from Byredo.
Quiet minimalistic with few but interesting elements – in other words my cup of tea.
What do you think?