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1. Behind the scenes at Marina London SS16 lookbook shoot 2. Wooden veins in Islington 3. Day off spent at home with amore 4. Easter in the archipelago. Portør, Norway 5. When you’re so pale you match the wall 6. Oxygen in the concrete jungle, Sky Garden 7. Warhol and Avedon side by side at Gagosian Gallery 8. 5th day of spring in Sky Garden 9. Caffeine and art refill at ICA 10. Date night at Viet Grill 11. Envying the ceiling at Hostem 12. Sun dance in winter winds. Portør, Norway.

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Lena_C_Emery_THE_WALL (2 of 3)Lena_C_Emery_x_Louis_Vuitton (2 of 18)2424_Project_Session_03 (1 of 8)

Lena C. Emery is one the most brilliant contemporary fashion photographers we have, if you ask me. She just manage to creative these lush, interesting images we have never seen before. Completely obsessed with her art.


jardin de majorelle


All of a sudden our trip to Morocco was nearly three months ago. God, time flies way too fast. And worst of all, I still have a post from our little adventure which I somehow forgot to publish. So, here you are – a look into one of our days exploring..

Jardin de Majorelle, the famous hidden oase made and previously owned by iconic designer Yves Saint Laurent, the `must see´ of Marrakech..

I visited it when in Morocco. Truth to be told I was, surprisingly, disappointed. I don’t know why, but I sort of expected more. I can’t put my finger on what, but I just imagined it would be more exciting in a way. However, the garden was indeed truly beautiful, a true cacti heaven I must say. And what I found most amusing was all the fantastic shadow plays amongst cobalt blue and mustard yellow walls (haha, fully aware of my nerdy tendencies).

Despite my disappointment I do recommend to go there if you are in Marrakesh. But be ready to pay an entrance fee of around 7-14 euros (depending if you would like to see the museum as well), and don’t expect too much, like I did. Go there with an open mind and a good camera.