a gal to google: lauren bacall

Magazine Model

Photo by John Engstead / Getty Images

Famous for her husky voice and sultry look the former model, actress and Hollywood superstar Lauren Bacall will be forever iconic. In her younger days she embodied what was seen as a modern sophisticated look – a look which is timeless and still relevant. She sported structured suits, effortlessly dresses and masculine trousers together with feminine blouses. Never without her red lipstick. Always true to her own style.

Google this American beauty and get inspired!




Travelled across the pond on Wednesday and has been carried away by London´s magic, vibrant streets since then. Updating the blog has simply been at the bottom of my “to do list”. Feels fantastic to be reunited with my friends and favourite city!
Have managed to enjoy the last bit of the summer holiday by eating a marvellous brunch at Hoi Polloi and an exotic dinner at Dishoom (more about that later), stroll down Broadway Market and Netil Market (great weekend tip), visit the local cinema and buy a new coat and rucksack (all settled for my last year at the university, crazy). Have to add that it doesn’t feel like autumn at all over here. Just take a look at the photo I snapped in London fields: the flowers are still in full bloom! Besides, the sun is shining like never before and the thermometer shows 21 degrees. Ah, London you beauty.


farmer´s market


Massimo Dutti coat, Acne jeans, Secondhand t-shirt, Adidas slides

Buying locally grown / produced food is important in terms of being environmental friendly. But supporting your local community is also a factor that needs consideration these days (small independent shops replaced by big chain shops is sadly becoming a trend). Besides, if you buy food from your local farmer you get food with better quality, richer taste and more nutrition!
That’s why I went to town yesterday with my family to support The Farmer´s Market which takes place a few times a year. The stalls were bulging with vegetables in rainbow colours and in all shapes you can imagine. Straight from the farms, straight from the soil. The smell of freshly baked sourdough bread competed with the lovely smell of hot soup. Typical Norwegian delicacies were also placed carefully on the tables: fenalår, munker and sild. What’s not to like really?

And while we’re on it (being environmental friendly) – dug into my closet and found som old goodies. Found my two years old camel coat and my five years old jeans. Still in a great condition and still looking timeless and chic. Remember to have a look in every corner of your wardrobe before buying something new – you might end up finding a piece of clothing your forgot you had! Or if you have to buy new clothes, try to buy timeless clothes with good quality. I’m telling you, it’s a great advantage for your wallet as well as the nature.
Just  saying.


easy breezy


Had a little photo shoot in the archipelago a few weeks ago, just for fun. “Normcore” is the keyword I went for when styling Irja. Think it blended well with the backdrop.

Photographer: Me
Styling / Art Direction: Me
Model: Irja Hof Hjellvik
Assistant: Ingrid Clausen

1. COS shirt, Zara shorts
2. Acne playsuit, Gina Tricot blazer, Dr. Martens
3. Hope jumper, Zara trousers, Adidas slides
4. Weekday blazer, Topshop jumpsuit, Nike Roshe Run
5. T by Alexander Wang dress, Levis jacket (vintage)


home office


Byredo scented candle, HAY marble tray, Moleskine notebook

New projects are slightly taking shape, dissertation kick off is just around the corner and there is only one week left till I head back to my flat in London. All I want to do right now is to enjoy the indian summer. In reality I have to pull myself together and start working. Scented candles, fresh hydrangeas and espresso do luckily help on the motivation!


a gal to google: veronika heilbrunner

veronika heilbrunner

Photo by Vanessa Jackman

Quite a long time since a post in the category “a gal to google” was published, huh? I don’t know what happened really. Will just blame it on the “holiday spirit”. But the summer holiday is more or less over now and it’s time to go back to old routines again – hence the comeback of “a gal to google”!

First one out is Harper´s Bazaar style editor, Mytheresa´s senior fashion editor and Justin
O’Shea´s girlfriend Veronika Heilbrunner. The girl who sports a style which is a wonderful cocktail of subtle sensuality, a dash masculinity, delicate femininity and athletic hints. Valentino dresses combined with Dr. Martens and Nike socks are a common scenario. Grunge and high end in perfect harmony.

My new style icon. Google her and get an inspiration overload!