a gal to google: peggy gould

Peggy Gould by iris bjork for bast magazine

Photo by Iris Björk for Bast Magazine

Korean dj and creative soul, Peggy Gould, is definitely a lady to watch. With her tattooed arms and wardrobe staples; sleek suits, long coats and hats, she is always looking tremendously stylish – whether it be strolling the streets of London or attending fashion week. Google her or check out her Tumblr or Instagram to get inspired by her playful yet sharp style.


current affair


A week suddenly went past and the blog never got updated. Lets just put it this way: all my creativity and inspiration is put into my final year project, so the motivation for updating a blog remains rather poor, unfortunately. And besides spending hours and hours on my final years project, I also try to squeeze in dinners and parties with friends as well as a little bit of exercising now and then, into my schedule. Why does a day only consist of 24 hours? Way too little, if you ask me.

However, here are two snapshots from this week: 1. fresh white tulips from the local flower market, to brighten up gloomy London days. 2. Research: `As Little Design as Possible´ by Dieter Rams and `White´ by Kenya Hara. Well worth reading if youre into minimalism and design!

So, I how now soon reached the end of my Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Photography – I have about of 3/4 months left. The pressure is bigger than ever. Fingers crossed that I will manage everything. And that the blog will be updating once in a while..


a gal to google: carly simon

Carly Simon 1971 by Jack Robinson via Getty Images

Photo by Jack Robinson via Getty 

As the seventies gets a comeback sartorial wise this spring, I thought it might be appropriate to present Carly Simon in this week´s `A Gal to Google´-post. The American singer and song-writer, had the perfect boho style in her younger days. She sported floppy felt hats, maxi skirts, bell sleeve tops and whole lot of flared pieces. Combined with her big smile and soft, curly hair she occurs as my favourite seventies style icon.

Google her and get inspired!


films #2


As a photographer I get inspiration and influences from everywhere. From people on the street, from paintings, from architecture, from nature, from music. Another big inspiration source for me however, is also to watch films. Both old and new.Ive written a post about my favourite films before (click here to read it), and have now six more to add to the list:

- The Seventh Seal: This true classic, directed by the one and only Ingmar Bergman, is a film everyone should watch. We follow a man who “seeks answers about life, death and existence of God” while he plays chess with “death” himself, during the black plague.
Of course one have to keep in mind that it was made in 1957, and the whole film is in b/w – but the cinematography, plot and acting is still brilliant! I never get tired of it.

- Blue is the warmest colour: This Palme d‘Or winning film, directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, was on everyones lips in 2013 – and with good reason! We follow Adele´s journey through love and loss. From her being a confused, insecure teenager who finds out she‘s a lesbian, to her meeting the love of her life (Emma) and becoming a grown up. It’s a very real and touching film. Very French. The cinematography is also beautiful. Highly recommended!

- Django Unchained: Another grotesque, colourful but great film directed by Quentin Tarantino. A “bounty hunter and a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner”. Sometimes too violent for my taste but, I mean – its after all a Tarantino film. Violence cant be avoided.

- Filth: This crazy film, directed by Jon S. Bairds, is a film I believe one either hate or love. I personally find it brilliant. It‘s a bit hard to explain the plot, but according to IMBD we follow “a corrupt cop who manipulates and hallucinates his way through a bid to secure a promotion and win back his wife and daughter”. Absolutey insane, hilarious and tragic all at once.

- Lost in Translation: Oh, this is a stunning film. Great cinematography as usual (in a true Sophia Coppola manner). Great actors. The plot is taking place in Tokyo and we follow a young, neglected woman and an old movie star who form a strange friendship.

- The Royal Tenenbaums: Another true classic, directed by Wes Anderson. A considerably odd and crazy film, but yet super fun and entertaining. And of course the cinematography has a Wes Anderson signature: lots of colours, abstract coordinated shapes and in general rather surreal.
We follow “an estranged family of former child prodigies reunites reunites when their father announces he is terminally ill”. Watch it, and get amused!


little black top


Lykke Li x Stories top, Etsy earrings

There are days when nothing seems to fit or simply you don’t have any inspiration nor lust to dress up. When those days’ve occurred, I´ve been saved by my lovely, timeless silk top from the Lykke Li x & Other Stories collab, several times. It has that perfect boxy shape, thick silk fabric and is in my favourite “colour” black. Pair it with black jeans, black boots and well curated earrings – and I’m good to go, wether it be to attend a dinner, a night out or an event.

A smaller version of the little black dress in other words – the little black top!