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1. Breakfast for heroes 2. Details at Silverprint 3. A not so spectacular solar eclipse, London in a nutshell 4. Weekend 5. Longing for the Norwegian sea side 6. Pretty still life at Aesop 7. Flicking through the latest issue of my favourite magazine, The Gentlewoman

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vintage gems


Vintage jacket and shorts, Uniqlo jumper, Weekday blazer, Jane Kønig ring

Photos: Emily Sowerby
AD / Retouch: Me
Assistant: Evie St.

A good way to perform in a more environmental friendly way, is (obviously) to buy vintage and secondhand. There is no sneaky production involved and you know the quality will last a lifetime (at least if it is vintage).

My all time favourite vintage/secondhand bargains are definitely my statement jackets, my high waisted leather shorts and my Saint Laurent pumps. I just feel so cool  when wearing all of the pieces – the bold, one of a kind jackets, the timeless shoes and the cheeky leather. A good tip is to look in vintage/secondhand shops if you want pieces which are “trending” and “in” right now, because they will most likely go out of fashion faster than you can count to ten. By doing that you will save money and the planet  for more waste, yet follow trends.




Photo shot in Kragerø on 35mm film 

Solitude. Silence. Fresh air. To make room for thoughts only. To detox the lungs and clear the mind. To dig thoroughly into your soul.

In todays society being social and available at all times, is seen as the ideal way of living. One is supposed to be “everywhere” and know “everyone”. On social media one have to expose one´s seemingly “perfect” life (I blame my seemingly “perfect” Instagram feed on a need to promote my aesthetics). And solitude is seen as a bad thing. But is it really such a bad thing?

I believe we all have a primary need to be alone (and then I mean totally alone, in silence, without any technology available), now and then. Some people more than others. I personally cherish those moments spent alone. Times when I have long walks by the sea or in the woods, especially in my home town Kragerø. Don´t get me wrong, I love being social as well, but sometimes a little break is highly needed. That is when ideas get “seeded” and my inspiration gets a boost. One have  no impact or impulses from anyone else but yourself, and the nature. It is truly a blessing if you ask me.

In one week I will be back home in Norway, to work on my degree show project, charge my batteries by the sea side, eat easter chocolate and catch up with friends and family. And to have the luxury of being able to be completely alone, with nature. I can’t wait.


brick lane friday


Friday was a brilliant day, despite it being Friday 13th!

Met up with Camilla (who looked smashing as always, in her Acne culottes and jacket) at Shoreditch Highstreet and started the day with breakfast at Leila´s Shop. Highly recommended! It is both a café and a shop offering proper veggies, home-made jams and bread etc. The menu is small but offers exactly what one need for breakfast; eggs, yoghurt and müsli, fruits and a good selection of juices and coffees. The staff is super friendly and the venue is very intimate and charming. And hey, we sat literally right next to a really famous actor while enjoying our food (hint: “him who shall not be named”).

After filling our tummies with delicious food and after hours of chit chatting about fashion and politics, we strolled down Redchurch Street to browse in shops. Headed further to Brick Lane (where we spotted a street artist in action) for vintage clothes at Porcelain and Red and more coffee at Blitz, and stayed there for hours.

The sun shun the whole day, I had a wonderful catch up with Camilla and spend a day with no stress and worries. Just what I needed in these hectic soon-to-graduate-times!


photographer´s heaven


Weekday coat, COS shirt, Theory trousers, & Other Stories shoes, Ray Ban Clubmaster

On Thursday me and two friends from my course, took the train to Central to attend an artist talk with Eva Stenram and indulge in photography equipment (hence the headline). The talk took place at Siobahn Davies Dance where we were met with tea and biscuits (can it be more British than that?). The Swedish artist herself guided us throughout the exhibition and talked about the series, how she made the work, her influences etc. It all definitely made more sense after her explaining the ideas and concept behind it.
With our brains filled with visual inspiration we strolled down the alley and ended up at Silverprint – a photography shop which offers all kind of photography equipment one can imagine; portfolios, photographic paper, magazines, film rolls, dark room equipment, cameras, studio kits – you name it. Bought some stuff for my portfolio and the upcoming degree show (can’t believe it’s only around 2 months left!!).
After browsing through the whole shop our tummies started crumbling and we therefore decided to head to Camden (honestly not my favourite part of London, but can be nice sometimes on weekdays). We bought ourselves crêpes, had a look in all the different stalls and ended the day at a really cool place where they make ice cream of NITROGEN! But more about that another day…

Happy weekend!


a gal to google: paulina liffner

Paulina Liffner von Sydow via make it last

Photo via Make It Last

Swedish designer Paulina Liffner, the genius behind the bag brand Little Liffner, is not just good at making timeless accessories – her personal style is also magnificent.

In a true Scandinavian manner she manages to pull together subtile basics with more edgy pieces and end up with the perfect balance of effortlessly chic. Google her and get inspired!


instant memories


1. Brunch with friends, at Côte Brasserie 2. The sun showed up this weekend 3. Outtake from lookbook shot by me, for the talented Helene Sunde 4. Morning stroll in the neighbourhood 5. Stunning tulips at the local market 6. How Mondays feels like 

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