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Bruuns Bazaar leather vest, Secondhand t-shirt, COS trousers, Saint Laurent shoes

Photo: Evie St, Styling/Retouch: Me

My top five photography tips (not in chronological order):

1. What you see is what you get: This tip may seem somehow stupid and basic, but there is actually lots of people who think that the camera does all the work. Guess what – no matter how fancy or spanking new your camera is, you still have to do some work. Look into the lens (and no, don’t use live mode). What you see in the lens is what you get. If the wall you are photographing looks tilted when you look into the lens, it will for sure look tilted on the screen as well. Use your eyes, use your brain.

2. Movement: Be dynamic, not static. Move around in different heights, lay on the ground, squat, lunge – that’s when you get the interesting angles and good shots! Variation is key.

3. Lens: In most cases, the lens is absolutely more important than the camera house. The lens is what can change the style, quality and look of your images. Invest in good lenses, with various focal length (like 50mm for “everyday”, 35mm for close-ups, 85mm for portraits etc.). And another tip regarding lenses; never use zoom lenses, they are useless and provides horrible light unless you are photographing birds from a long distance, obviously.

4. Exposure: In order to get the images you want it’s essential to understand ISO, shutterspeed and aperture. These settings decides what kind of lighting you’ll get but also the style of the image. These three setting altogether makes the exposure.
For instance, if you have a low aperture you’ll achieve a shallow depth of field and lots of light, a high aperture on the other hand will give an image which is sharp throughout but darker. A high shutter speed is good to use if you’re capturing movement and want to freeze the subject or if you are photographing in a dark environment – but keep in mind that this will also make your images darker. The ISO is probably the most easy setting to understand – that is the setting that tells the camera how much light is needed. So let’s say you are taking pictures on a sunny day with lots of light – then you should use ISO 100 (or even less). If it’s cloudy ISO 200 or 400 may be suitable. If it is a rather dark environment, you should use for instance ISO 600 or 800. But, keep in mind that high ISO means more grain.

5. RAW: If you have the possibility to shoot in RAW, DO IT! It gives you so much more control, as you can change all settings you had on your camera while taking the picture, on a later stage. Most DSLR cameras nowadays let you choose the RAW setting, so there is no excuse to not use it.

So, good luck and happy capturing!




1. Caught by the flu 2. Meeting at First Model Management 3. Back in maxi coats and woollen trousers, Autumn has definitely arrived (but we’ve been blessed with many sunny days!) - All photos via my Instagram

.. And suddenly October was here. Wow. I honestly can’t believe it. My month in Italy went by too fast, but a new chapter is ahead, and I’m rather excited for that. Today I move into a new flat, in a new area, with my boyfriend. Some new and thrilling work opportunities have also popped up. So, let´s start this “year”, shall we?


da oTTo


One of the highlights of our days in Milan was visiting Da oTTo. Located in Chinatown, it certainly stands out from the rest of the restaurants in this area! Little fun fact: Da oTTo has its name from the address, number eight, but in fact it is located at number twelve, which the owners realised after launching the name, haha. Hilarious.

However, we went there one of our last days and was super excited as we had heard lots of great stuff about this spot. When we arrived, early afternoon, it was surprisingly closed due to “holiday” (this is very typical in Italy. If the owner wants to go for a holiday, they just close the shop instead of hiring substitutes..). Fortunately they opened in the evening.
A bit disappointed yet relieved (at least we didn’t miss out totally), we strolled around Milan for a few hours and went back in the evening, for aperitivo.
As they initially was “in holiday” it was only possible to order from the aperitivo menu. Our choice landed on basil and ginger based cocktails together with plates filled with olives, tapenade, taralli, tzatziki, lamb meatballs, sourdough bread, veggies, stracciatella (best cheese ever!) and hummus. After indulging in all these goodies we were rather full and skipped dinner. Everything tasted marvellous, but of course we’d like to try more than aperitivo if we’d the opportunity.

And not to forget, the interior in this fabulous restaurant is breathtaking. I simply wanted to move straight in. I mean, just take a look at the pictures. Concrete, heaps of green plants, the furniture. Yum!

All in all I do understand why Da oTTo already has achieved a good reputation despite being relatively new. Don’t miss out!




Photos by Iris Björk

Iris Björk´s “The Goo-see Project”, in collaboration with various model agencies in London, is so beautiful and genius. No need to say that Björk´s photography is pure perfection itself – I love the way she makes the models look slightly awkward. The little details that makes the work brilliant is exactly the touch of awkwardness together with a highly stylised surrounding.

The cast of models for  this project is also great. They are all really unique. But best of all is how everything was executed: The model agencies sent new faces for go-sees, each model got 30 minutes each to be captured. The models decided themselves what they would do, total freedom. So in a way you can see the models´ personalities, which isn’t common. I don’t know about you, but at least I find this really beautiful and inspiring.




As promised, I have made two separate mosts about Orto and Da oTTo, my two best hotspots in Milan in what concerns aperitivo and breakfast. First one out is Orto – Erbe e Cucina. A rather small but super charming bar and restaurant in the middle of Via Gaudenzio Ferrari. Decorated with countless of herbs and rustic details, it gives you the impression of honesty and a relaxed vibe.

We went there to have breakfast, consisting of “caffé e brioche” (traditionally an espresso or a cappuccino together with a pastry, usually a croissant), but in the end we happened to stay for such a long time (read: many hours) that we we also ended up having aperitivo there. I tried a lovely cocktail with basil and lime, which tasted like a more fresh version of mojito, highly recommended. My boyfriend tried a cocktail based on ginger, also tasty.

The prices are not bad, the area is nice and quiet (but not too quiet of course), the staff super friendly and the most important thing: the food is brilliant!

Simply just go there if you happen to be in Milan.


last days


Rodebjer dress, ATP Atelier sandals, Ray Ban Clubmaster

..And suddenly the day was here: I’ve arrived in the land of rain and fog, in the city that never sleeps, London. Certainly miss the mediterranean warmth and Italian hospitality already, but I’m also looking forward to a new start (for me autumn is like a new year, a new chapter, in a way).

Here are some snapshots from our first days, captured in Neive and Magliano Alfieri. I also hope to get my films developed soon, so stay tuned for more pictures from my month in Italy, with snapshots from Spotorno, Isola d’Elba, Neive amongst some! Ciao for now.




Time flies, and all of a sudden my month in Italy is coming to an end. Autumn has slightly started to enter the mediterranean countries as well, and in just a few days I will be back in gloomy London. New adventures are waiting.
But before that I have loads of pictures to post, so that when the truly dark days arrive I (and maybe you?) have something to dream about or look back at.

This week, we stayed five days in Spotorno, in my boyfriend´s family sea flat. The sun shun, we swam in clear blue water, we ate tasty food and I found the most perfect, handmade straw bag. However, I was in an analogue mood and did only take pictures with my Olympus, thus I can only offer some snapshots of the lovely flat we stayed in (brilliant looking if I may say so).