palms and recreation


Photos by Josh Olins for WSJ Magazine December 2015

Heading for a short but lovely weekend-trip to Marrakech in less than three weeks. CAN`T wait to wear sandals and soak up some precious sun rays! Mr. Autumn and myself are not on a good note. Currently all snuggled up at home, trying to get some warmth after work. The London temperature certainly gets to your bone..

Happy Friday!


elena kara


All photos by me for Elena Kara LTD

This is one of the designers I work for – talented and super nice greek genius Elena Karavasili. Currently I work on making social media content, but will probably do her next lookbook etc as well. Really enjoy working with her. Check out her bags if neutral colours and clean cuts sounds intriguing.


life 0-1


Malgiosa Bela captured by Mario Sorrenti for Jil Sander SS 2000

I really don´t know what to say or how to start.
One week and three days have gone past since the horrible events in Paris. One week and four days since the horrible attack in Beirut. The list goes on. We are entering a frightful and utterly weird period. And it is indeed hard to focus on the right things (happiness, love, freedom and all that jazz) when such barbaric events take place. But life must go on, and we may not let them win. Be open, be free.

I myself was frankly terrified Friday 13. as my boyfriend was on a plane to France that evening and I never received any message from him that day. But I was just overreacting, thank god. I must however admit that I felt rather depressed and scared last week (like most people I assume) – partly because I don´t understand how anyone can execute such actions, partly because I have had the flu and partly because London is a big city and David Cameron has decided to support France..

But the days are looking slightly brighter. Today for instance, three random people smiled to me on the tube (for you non-londoners; that is absolutely, totally rare!!) – that definitely made my day. Never forget how much a smile can do. A tiny actions that cost nothing, but means a lot.




Photos by Rory Payne for Supplement Magazine AW15

Really need to get my hands on the new, British arts-and culture magazine `Supplement´. Looks like my cup of tea from what Ive seen so far (like this sublime editorial!).




Today I was meant to meet up with a friend in Soho, but when I arrived at the train station I was met by a (rude) man informing me that there were no tube or train services due to a power failure. So, I’m now back in my flat – sipping tea and doing some editing work instead.

However, what I wanted with this post was not to talk about public transport in London, but actually to recommend you this tasty black leaf tea from T2, called `Good Morning´ which I’m drinking as we speak! Rather similar to the classic earl grey, but offering much richer flavours. Perfect with milk and in company with cakes or breakfast. And the packaging looks great. Thumbs up!

Just a little tip on a gloomy Sunday.


sunday through the iPhone

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetimage

After a stressful week, I finally had time to spend a relaxed day with my boyfriend on Sunday. We slept til noon, had a long breakfast, headed to Bethnal Green where we got a bouquet of eucalyptus at Columbia Road Flower Market, ate pancake brunch at my favourite hidden gem Bistrotheque, bought the latest issue of Cereal Magazine at Artwords Bookshop and ended the day with a matcha latte and brownie at Tiosk.

I simply love lazy Sundays like this. Now: Back to work!


milano / isola d’elba / spotorno / neive / barbaresco etc.


Rodebjer dress, ATP Atelier sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses, bag from a market in Italy

As the thick fog returned in the streets of London, my 35mm films have finally been developed and scanned. Together with a cup hot matcha and in my cozy robe I’m all curled up in my bed as we speak, trying to fight the Monday blues (and start working) by looking at these lovely summer memories. My 1 months travel around Italy, between August and September, is probably the best holiday I’ve ever had. Fours weeks of pure happiness, mouthwatering food, sunshine, make-up free skin and fantastic people – a sneak peek into the Italian culture. Hopefully these snapshots can help someone else come through the day as well. November certainly hit town today..

Ps. My camera has a fault with the shutter, and therefore get these big illuminating circles around 90 percent of my images. I have tried to fix them as good as I can, but they are still not perfect. However, what I personally enjoy with analogue photos is the imperfection and impulsive mood of them.