Acne jacket and shoes, Secondhand t-shirt, COS skirt and socks, Maria Black bracelet, Casio watch

Photos: Élena Urbelyté, Editing: Me

Look guys! I´m wearing a skirt! A rather rare sight, huh? Usually tend to opt for trousers and more masculine inspired pieces because it suits my body better. Besides short, tight skirts are uncomfortable, and comfort is for me alpha omega when pulling together outfits. There are however exceptions (have to get out of the comfort zone once in a while, right?).
I have actually been hunting for a classic, black midi skirt for quite a while now and jumped of excitement when I found this perfect silk, midi skirt on sale at COS  (it looks navy in the pictures but is in reality black). Work as perfect for everyday use as for more dressed up occasions. Inaugurated the new darling at the private view on Saturday and was thrilled and fascinated by how easy it is to move in skirts like this. Thumbs up for midi skirts!


the private view


On Saturday evening it was time for the official opening of ‘Aesthetic: 12 artists ● 12 perceptions’. Started with dinner and drinks at Hoi Polloi (once again) with some friends before heading to Hackney Wick. The venue was already packed when we arrived and the private view went really well – thanks to everyone who came! (Fun fact: Jamie Winstone and an agent from Tate popped by!). We got tipsy and had a good time but decided to end the evening with seriously delicious cocktails and some more friends at Beagle. A magnificent Saturday in other words!

Ps. The exhibition will run until 25th October and is located in Hackney Wick at The Old Baths. Feel free to take a look (free admission)!
Fyi my piece is also for sale (£150), contact me on thea.lovstad@kebas.no if you’re interested.


gypsy water


The very last drop of my perfume was consumed the day before I left Norway and I have since then been drooling over one of Byredo´s scents. I find the design on the perfume bottles and of course their smell extremely appealing. Very subtle and delicate.

So, when me and my cousin finally went to Liberty on Monday I simply couldn’t resist buying a new perfume. Or perfume oil that is in fact. Totally fell for the smell called `Gypsy Water´. With top notes of bergamot, heart note of orris and base notes of vanilla and amber. It´s divine!


buns and fine art


Weekday coat, Zara trousers, Blue Hour rucksack, Adidas Superstar sneakers

Woke up early yesterday and took the train to Hackney with Emily, to leave my art piece at the gallery. Luckily I didn’t have to hang the work myself and therefore decided to eat lunch in Hoxton. Ended up at Fabrique with a massive cardamum bun and a lovely cappuccino. Fabrique has by the way the very best cinnamon and cardamum buns in London! The locale is also extremely charming and is conveniently located right next to Hoxton station – tip, tip!

And a little reminder: The exhibition I’m participating in ‘Aesthetic: 12 artists ● 12 perceptions’ is opening tonight. It’s held at The Old Baths in Hackney Wick. Don’t hesitate to visit! Lots of great artists will be displaying a great amount of varied work; photography, sculpture, drawing, painting and performance.