lena emery

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Latest addition in the photographers-I-admire-folder is German fashion, architecture and still life photographer Lena Emery. Love how she manage two combine these three considerably different genres in what seems like the most natural way. Her photography style is surprising, minimalistic and has a sense of “grittiness” to it which makes the work more interesting. She has already clients like COS, Wallpaper, Harper’s Bazaar UK, I-D, Nike, The Gentlewoman etc. The list goes on. Check out her website for more images.


mini festival


Tibi top, Ray Ban sunglasses

On Friday me and Maiken took the ferry to Skåtøy to attend a mini festival called `Skåtøy vise og poesifestival´ (folk song and poetry festival). After a sunny, pleasant trip we arrived on shore and further had a 20 minute walk in the woods before we finally hit the café/festival area. We met up some more friends (which I unfortunately forgot to photograph! Hah) and catched up while drinking rosé wine and eating fish soup, before the concerts started. The bands and singers this day were Lars Vaular, Hekla Stålstrenger and Lady Moscow – brilliant performances! Especially liked the performance by Lady Moscow, what an energy and enthusiasm. The rest of the evening was spent drinking wine, beer and chatting.
The whole concept of this festival is great and I must say the atmosphere was fantastic. Tasty food, lots of good drinks and the area was really nice decorated. Will definitely go next year as well.

Now I’m off on a boat trip along Kragerø´s stunning archipelago.

Have a good Sunday!


plastic bag landscape

Plastic Bag LandscapesPlastic Bag LandscapesPlastic Bag Landscapes

One of the perks of studying at an art and design campus is that you get to meet, collaborate and get to know other creative minds. One student which I got to meet now and then as we went to the same course was Vilde Rolfsen, who just graduated with a BA in Fine Art Photography in June.
I just have to show you this photo series called `Plastic Bag Landscapes´ shot by her, which she also exhibited at her degree show. Dreamy images of, very surprisingly, plastic bags she found on the streets of London. Isn’t it just fantastic?
I’m sure we will see more of this lady in the future.

Visit her website to see more of her work.




I’m not going on any holiday/travels this summer and I therefore try to enjoy my own hometown as much as possible – having a staycation instead.
So on Monday after work I took the ferry to Skåtøy and crashed at a friend´s house for a two-days-holiday. We drank rosé by the sunset, visited the café and had the best carrot cake in company with a cortado, we swam in the sea, we ate a late french toast breakfast and last but not least: we visited the current exhibition at Bak Fasaden. Lots of great art by photographer Kathleen McIntyre (bought her book), painter Laszka and jewellery designer Kathrine Lindmand.

In other words – I had a super nice mini, mini holiday on the best island in Kragerø!


a gal to google: charlotte rampling


Photo via Gamma Keystone France

British actress, former model and super woman Charlotte is a lady to get inspired by in many ways, both when she was younger but also now in her older days. She has a kick ass personality which is more frank, tactile and determined than most poeple, something I envy. This might make her seem very harsh, but I believe that’s only on the surface. Hard and powferful on the outside, soft and wise on the inside. In terms of the more superficial matters as her clothing style, I find her utterly elegant and sophisticated. She just has this udefinable, sublime aura. She can wear an all black, anonymous outfit and still look amazing. And last but not least, she is a great actress. Googler her or watch her in action, and get inspired!




Spend Saturday night and Sunday morning in an old, charming house at “Øya” (translation: “The Island”) – a tiny island right next to the centre of Kragerø. I find this place truly idyllic and there are so, so many picturesque houses and gardens around every corner. Took a few snapshots (in the rainy weather!) so you guys can get a sense of what I’m talking about.