Landed on the frosty, Norwegian ground on Wednesday and has since then had a few dreamy days. Kragerø, my home town looks super idyllic right now, with all the Christmas ornaments and lights. It even started snowing at some point, so the whole town was covered in a white blanket (unfortunately it started raining just a few hours later and we now how to deal with a rather slippery, icy road..). All the Christmas gifts are carefully wrapped in and our house is decorated.

My best friend also return after three months in Africa, so we arranged a little surprise party for her on Friday. Super fun and so nice to be reunited with her (and my other friends) again!

As for the my lack of updates: I´m trying to enjoy the holiday to the fullest and making posts for the blog is therefore not my first priority. However, I assume (and hope) all of you are busy eating Christmas food, relaxing and catching up with friends and family, anyway!?


nearly there


Vintage polaroid camera (borrowed), Hendrick´s gin, `In and Out of Fashion´ by Viviane Sassen, Coco Noir Chanel perfume, Mason Person hair brush, T by Alexander Wang dress, Secondhand glitter top

Had my final review of this term, today. Also managed to finish my dissertation before the holiday (which means all I have to do the two upcoming weeks is to eat and relax)!!
Now I just need to pack my suitcase (full of Christmas gifts) and wait for Wednesday to come. In the meanwhile I will celebrate with burgers and `The Hobbit´ at the local cinema.


Christmas gifts: budget


Part two of my Christmas gift guide, this time including budget products.

1. Affordable and timeless jewellery (ring from Jane Kønig)
2. Organic skin products (oils from L:A Bruket)
3. Books, new or secondhand (`Just Kids´ by Patti Smith)
4. Decoration pieces (hour glass from Granit)
5. Knits in merino wool or cashmere (turtleneck from Uniqlo)
6. Stationary (scissor from Hay)
7. Sweet treats (cookie mix from Nicolas Vahé)